zornshot GmbH
From 2017-2019 I was apart of zornshot's creative team in Hamburg, Germany. Throughout the time I was working on several post-productions projects for advertising and film. Primarily we successfully developed a series of animations for the german national TV channel "ZDF". My work of field was predominantly as a Visual Designer focused on executing CGI technics such as 3D modeling, -texturing, -animating, 3D simulations using high-end softwares and render programs. Take a look at some of the projects by clicking the images and make sure to check out zornshot's website for more work cases and details.
ZDFzeit: Das verdient Deutschland - Der große Gehälter –Vergleich
ZDFzeit: Deichmann, Reno & Co. - Der große Schuhmarkt Check
ZDFzeit: AIDA oder TUI Cruises - Der Kreuzfahrt-Check
ZDFzeit: Die Supermächte
Sparkasse: Der Hit zum Kredit | Entscheiden ist einfach. | Nicht! Doch!
ZDFzeit: Wir Deutschen und Europa

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