Client_City of Hamburg_Altonale19 Festival_UE Germany
Location_Altona Rathaus_Hamburg, Germany
Date_June 2017
Softwares_Cinema4D_Adobe After Effects_Mad Mapper
"Illusion"  was a Projection Mapping on the Cityhall of Altona, Hamburg. Amongst other visuals It kicked off the annual Altonale19 Festival.
The concept of the Mapping was Space within the architecture. Like the name "Illusion" says it, my goal was to transform the space into an unexpected and physically impossible way. The construction of the building becomes alive and transfigures into a sci-fi space. 
With the help of the Sound Designer Derek O'Rourke, we underlined the movements of the animation with sound that later on shifts into a musical journey. 
Special Thanks to Derek O'Rourke, Verena Krämer, Alexander Trattler, ALTONALE Team and BTK University Hamburg.

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